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Laynee at 14 months! (plus everything that’s been happenin’ ‘round here) February 13, 2012

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I know I missed a month here… 13 months came and went and I didn’t do a blog post! Maybe I will start doing every OTHER month…?? I don’t spend near as much time on the computer, and it’s near impossible with baby girl trying to crawl on me/push the buttons/close the laptop… so we’ll just take what we can get! Right now she’s napping, so I’ll try to update all of you!

14 month Laynee:

*says 30 something words including: Mama, Daddy, bible, baby, ball, snack, eat, fish, duck, sleep, night night, Thank you, trash, sock, shoe, stars, eye, clock, Laynee, “shooo-eeee”(when something is dirty/stinky like when she gets used diapers out of the trash can and carries them around saying “Shooo-eee”!), hello, bye-bye, “Boo!”, cheese, knee… and probably more that I can’t think of right now!

*walks/runs everywhere

*knows several signs, and uses them to communicate

*sleeping great, with the exception of traveling and being out of whack at times.. we’re still getting over a week long trip away from home!

*eating – fairly well… we’re still having to work to get all of our milk in every day, but she’s getting there!

*still loves baby dolls

*loves going to Bible Class

*loves reading books and will sit for several stories in a row!

*understands so much of what we say to her… this amazes me! Like last week, I told her “Go get a book and I will read it to you”. She immediately walked straight to the book basket, got one, and brought it back to me! She’s brilliant!

*knows body parts – eye, nose, ear, hair, tongue, knee, foot

Now we’ll get to the fun part – pictures!!

We moved into our house – December 17th! Here are the lovely friends and fam who came to help! Thank you Mike, Chris, Ashley, Dan, Brooke, Blair, Danny, Kim, Mom and Dad! We REALLY appreciate you giving of your time and muscles to help us! THANK YOU!!!!!!!! It only took about an hour to unload our POD, thanks to these guys! (Not all pictured!)


Heading to Christmas at Grandma’s…

Thank you, Sara, for the adorable outfit that we finally got to wear after it was released from the grips of the POD!



Christmas at Granny’s…



And more Christmas… this time at Mom and Dad’s


Laynee’s first car! She LOVES that thing!

Family pictures! Taken Jan 7th by the fabulous Betsy Stratton of bella novella photography! She did an AWESOME job.. if you want pictures made in the Dallas area, I’ll give you her info – we were SO impressed with her talent! Laynee at 13 months…




“I love to ‘help’ Mommy with the laundry!”


Sitting or standing on the toys… new hobby!


My after-nap look!


Brrrrr… It’s cold in here!


She’s found this hole recently and loves to stick her finger up there!


Sweetest thing!



I’ll have to do another post soon with pictures from our trip to Wyoming! We just got home from a trip to see LaRhea, Lee, Ashley and Laynee’s cousin Torrey! Unfortunately our camera is dying, so we need to hurry Talin up on his research so that we don’t miss documenting these precious moments that are happening as our little girls grows up right before our eyes!


We are all unpacked in the house… slowly decorating, but it’s all coming together … we love the house! It has been wonderful!!!! Talin is really enjoying his job, too! We have made some great friends in Burleson already.. can’t wait to see what else God has in store.


Thanks for checking in on us!



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