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ONE YEAR!!! December 14, 2011

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A full year sounds so long, but it sure seems short when you watch your baby change so fast! Laynee is a year old now, and everyday she becomes more and more like a child instead of a baby. It would make me sad if I thought about it for too long, so we’ll move on!

At one year old, Laynee is:

  • Saying a few words including Mama, Dada, baby, and uh-oh. Her favorite word is “baby”, she says that several times a day when she’s loving on her baby dolls
  • So smart!! She can do a few animal sounds.. including “Ssssss” like a snake and “Roar” like a lion, and also blow like the wind, and she can show you how a bunny hops! (Those two are credited to Bible Class!)
  • Signing “more” and “all done”.. which has been very helpful!
  • Taking a few steps, but not really walking yet! She LOVES to hold your hand and walk around though. She can do that holding just one grown-up hand in the left, and preferably a baby doll in the right!
  • Eating all kinds of things… She isn’t too picky yet! She even ate swiss cheese, which I think smells pretty bad, but she didn’t mind!
  • Meddling! We like to say she gets this from her Aunt Nicole.. She will get into a purse and have it emptied out faster than you can say “Bob’s your uncle”. What a weird saying!
  • Getting a temper… She will let you know if you are doing something she doesn’t like.. which includes, but is no limited to: changing her diaper, wiping her face, and picking her up if she wants to be walking.
  • Pointing at things all the time.. she loves to find noses on Mommy and Daddy, babies in books, any dog, as long as it keeps it’s distance.
  • Playing Peek-a-boo with a blanket or scarf
  • Talking on the phone… this is SO cute, something it seems all kids do, she puts the phone on her shoulder and leans her face over on it. She’ll use anything for a phone, and pretend to talk on it!
  • A “BRIGHT LIGHT” IN OUR LIVES!!!! She has really lived up to her name so far, and Lord willing, for many years to come!


It’s Bball time! We are so excited that we get to watch Jacob play in his Senior Year! Laynee LOVES to go to the games!


Here is Laynee with Uncle Danny at Thanksgiving… If you will notice, she is all geared up for her other favorite sporting event… Cowboys football! Although, she needs to do a better job of cheering so we can get some “Ws” on our record!


We went to Lubbock and got to meet the newest Pepper, Torrey Reann! She was born on October 30 to Lee and Ashley.. She is beautiful, and Laynee loved her!


She loved Torrey so much, she wanted to get as close as possible!


Napping with Mimi…


Here is Laynee opening her first birthday present from Lee, Ashley and Torrey… though I wouldn’t say “opening” so much as “climbing on top of”.


And that brings us to toddlerhood! Sad day for Mommy!!! I’m not ready for her to grow up yet! It goes by too fast!


She ate some cake, but wasn’t too excited about the icing! She doesn’t have too much of a sweet tooth.


And here is a picture of Laynee on her birthday.. standing at the open drawer, emptying it out completely! What a good helper!


1 year birthday pic! These pictures are getting increasingly more difficult to acquire!!!!!


Our next stop in the month of December was to Lubbock for our cousin’s wedding! While we were there, we got to see Mimi!


Then we were off to Carlsbad, NM for a river boat ride on the Pecos river. All of the people who live on the river decorate their homes all fancy like for Christmas. We had to bundle up, and it was COLD but so fun! Laynee really enjoyed her nap during the trip!

With Co-Woah, getting ready to board the boat…




We are moving into our house THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!! I am so excited, I can’t sleep… so that is why I am up at 1:06am finishing this blog post! I’m like a kid the night before you go to Six Flags…. will update after we get settled!


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  1. Laynee is just beautiful!!!! Y’all have another fun year ahead – each stage is even more fun:) Excited for y’all getting to move into your new house!! Congrats!! Miss you guys!

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