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11 months old! November 10, 2011

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Pretty much every day, I say to Talin that I can’t believe how much Laynee has changed over the last several months, and how much OUR lives have changed because of her. It’s hard to even remember what it was like before she was here, and even now, I struggle to remember what she was like as a newborn! I guess that’s what baby books and blogs are for, so that I will have documented these times! I really need to print off all of these blog posts before the world wide web crashes like the stock market! Hopefully that won’t happen, but I still need to do some major printing! Anyway, Laynee is creeping up on that one year mark, and I truly can’t believe it! At 11 months, Laynee is:

  • standing unsupported quite often
  • walking with her rolling walker
  • taking a step here and there!
  • smiling and laughing a lot, with 7 teeth now! (4 on top, 3 on bottom)
  • eating all kinds of foods.. her favorites being chicken, grapes, bananas, ham, cheerios, mexican rice!
  • still sleeping great!
  • STILL hating to get dressed. This girls HATES to get her clothes changed. It’s a fight everytime
  • giving big, wet, wide open-mouth kisses!
  • waving “bye-bye”, only when she wants to though!
  • loving baby dolls.. she has about 4 of them that she gets really excited over!
  • able to concentrate on one activity for a really long time! I was amazed yesterday, she sat and played with only a little toy boat for about 15 minutes!
  • Loving Bible Class!! She always gets really excited to go, and has a great time every week!
  • Getting into everything.. and I know it will only get worse once she starts walking!
  • scared of dogs! mainly only if they bark and lick.. she doesn’t appreciate that! But she is happy to look at them from a distance!

Now for some pictures:

Our little Ladybug…


With Mom and Dad when they were on their way to World Series, Game 5!!


Whoa, Nelly!!  This is a funny story… Dad had brought home a Nelson Cruz bobble head statue… for some strange reason, Laynee LOVED it. She carried it around and played with it, and it was kind of heavy – duty, so we too it away from her and put it on the mantle above the TV. But she would hold her hands out to Nelly and cry for him until we gave it back to her. So, she had him while she was sitting in her high chair, and she dropped him on the tile… he now has a broken leg and head, and turns out, he’s ceramic! So, now he’s dangerous with his pointy, jagged edges, so we put him behind a picture frame on the mantle. She still found him and cries for him! So I moved him to the garage on the work bench so she couldn’t see him… Well, she saw him one day coming in from the car!!! And she started crying for him again!! Whoa, Nelly! Now he’s hidden much better and we won’t bring him out until next October when the Rangers hopefully have attempt #3 at a World Series title!


Bath time!


I like to splash!


We got to go and meet Laynee’s future BFF, Annabelle Leigh Cousatte!! We flew to Denver and stayed with Cason and Caitlin for a few days, and had a BLAST! Here we are supervising Annabelle’s spa time:


We got there on Tuesday, and that night they got several inches of snow!


Is she not the most adorable snow bunny you’ve seen??


I took off her mitten and let her feel the snow… you can tell by her face the way she felt about it. She’s a true Texan and truly her mother’s daughter because she doesn’t like being cold!


Field Trip! We took the babies to the Aquarium for some good ole indoor fun!


Laynee loved it! She had that pointer finger out the entire time!


This is a blurry pic, but I had to share it.. Laynee wanted so badly to touch Annabelle the whole time we were there, but she isn’t concerned about being gentle, so I usually made her keep a safe distance… so Caitlin held Annabelle so Laynee could get close to her… Laynee put her arms around the baby and got really close in her face to hug on her, and then Annabelle got upset… Then Laynee was offended that Annabelle was offended… so here we go:


They also liked to start crying matches when we were in the car going places… It’s a tough life!


This picture I liked because of her Vampire eyes, in honor of the soon-to-be-released Breaking Dawn, the 4th movie of the Twilight Saga!!! YAY!

Actually, you can see her teeth really well in this pic, and the giant Pittman gap she has between her top two!


Relaxin in our jammies…


Eleven months old!!!!!



House Update:  It’s getting close! We now have brick, stone, and walls! The texture people were supposed to be starting today, and they said that they typically close 30 days from texture! So, hopefully we will be in before Christmas!!!!! It has been SO fun watching the house go up. We can’t wait for it to be finished! If you want to see pics, let me know… I’ll be emailing some later to people who are interested!


That’s about it for now! We are getting adjusted to our new life here in Burleson. It is different, and we miss our Lubbock people, but we are finding our place here! Thanks for looking at pics of our sweet baby! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!


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  1. Chrissy Cross Says:

    Love her!!

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