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Double Digits…… We have a 10 month old!! (Plus House Pics!) October 13, 2011

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People keep asking me when we are going to think about #2, but we are having so much fun watching #1 that I’m not ready for that “distraction” yet!! She is getting quite the personality… Here are some things she is doing at 10 months old:

  • Crawling super fast!
  • Standing alone for a few seconds at a time
  • Eating all kinds of table food, some baby food, but she LOVES puffs and cheerios.
  • She has started to throw little fits every once in a while… mainly over changing her clothes or taking away the cell phone/remote/camera/paper/other item she shouldn’t be playing with. This usually involves screaming and dramatic back arching
  • Sleeping great – 2 one hour (If I’m lucky!) naps a day, and then about 11 hours at night
  • She still has 6 teeth – 4 on top, 2 on bottom… The top ones are quite “gappy”!
  • Loves to watch and play with other kids
  • Waves bye-bye
  • She can say “Shhhhhh”, but doesn’t like to do it for Mommy or Daddy… She will do it in church if the little boy in the pew behind us is saying it!!
  • No intentional words yet, but she can definitely talk your ear off with all kinds of babbling – and I mean LOUD babbling. Sometimes we can’t even have a conversation unless we yell over her! Her favorite thing to babble is “ma ma ma ma ma ma”. But I don’t know whether to count it because she says it so many times!
  • We call her “the bling bling girl” because she loves jewelry.. She won’t take to a stranger unless they have a really interesting accessory.
  • She’s gotten really attached her baby doll lately. She has several different dolls and stuffed animals, but she has really taken to this one that she and her daddy are holding in the picture below. It is so cute, when you ask her “Where’s your baby?”, she will look around for it, squeal with excitement when she finds it, and hug and kiss it! So sweet!!



With cousin Jacob in her pink “basketball shoes” he got her.


Sweet face!


Cutest cheerleader!



Now for an update on the house… It has started! Here are a few pictures:


Ignore the strange cloud boxes that appeared in the corner of the pic as my attempt to hide a distinguishing characteristic of where we are building so that the creepers who might see this blog won’t come find our house! This might not work, so I’ll just pray for us to be safe, and in the future, I might not be posting too many pics on this public blog. Email me if you want to see pictures of the progression, and I’ll email them!

They were about to pour the foundation when we got 6 inches of rain here! So we have a minor setback in that they are going to have to redo the forms and the dirt work. We are okay with it… we needed rain really bad!! Not much other news… we have everything picked out as far as colors, brick, stain, etc.. Now we wait!

We went on a road trip in September with our sweet friends, the Huggins, to Lubbock! It was great fun!! Here is Laynee with her friend, Truett! She loves him and wants to crawl all over him, so we have to keep a close eye on her!


Hanging out with Mama Jean…


The Dads with the Babies… taking a break from the car


Watch out! Crazy driver!!!



Hope everyone has a great October!!!!!



2 Responses to “Double Digits…… We have a 10 month old!! (Plus House Pics!)”

  1. carla Says:

    Love all the pictures – my favorite is with “Mama Jean”.

  2. Joan Pitts Says:

    Thanks for the pics. She is beautiful! I loved the halloween outfit! So exciting about your new home. Keep sending pictures!

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