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Our 8 month Old Energizer Bunny August 11, 2011

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Wow… things have really picked up around here! We are on the move and that means no rest for the supervising party! Here are the 8 month facts:

*If your head is turned for even a second, Laynee will likely be pulling a cord, putting a piece of grass in her mouth, or high tailing it toward remotes/cell phones/cameras/electronics of any kind within view.

*Started crawling on her 7 month birthday, and not a week later she started pulling up on anything that is the right height! Now that is her favorite thing to do.

*Loves playing with her Daddy when he comes home from work.

*Loves her PawPaw and Nana coming home for lunch to see her.

*She is interested in dogs… but if they are hyper, she only wants to look at them from a distance. If they are calm, she wants to pet them!

*She’s been a “Star Student” in Bible Class.. always engaged in what’s going on, but with a very serious face!

*Nursing like a pro now, thank goodness! We are nursing once a day, bottle feeding 3x. She’s also eating lots of fruits and veggies!

*She started shaking her head back and forth like she’s saying “No, No, No”… but we can’t figure out why she does it! This just started a few days ago, and it is so cute. She’s done it when she eats, when she watched Nicole play with the dog, and sometimes when she’s just sitting there playing with toys! I might try to post a video later…

*Two teeth have come through! Both on the bottom.

*Laynee FINALLY doesn’t mind the carseat! She rarely fusses anymore getting into it!

*She still does not like getting her clothes changed!

*We are starting to have to use the evil “No” word!


Now for some pictures:

Here is what happened when I tried to take her 8 month picture at first:


I’m telling you…. this girl is never still!!! We had to enlist the help of Nana to distract her, and this is the best we could do:



We really needed to cool off after we went on a walk, so we used this makeshift pool: 


She must stand up even if it makes no sense at all!


Pulling up on the laundry basket!


Going swimming… yes, we like to do that. You would too if you were in on this hot streak! Today is the 40th consecutive day of temperatures over 100 degrees!


Her sunglasses wouldn’t stay on her head, so Daddy decided they needed to be put to good use.


Visiting Aunt Nicole in Dallas


Laynee got to see Cason and Caitlin at their baby shower!


Clipping fingernails… it’s a tough job on a wiggle worm!



Family pic


Our friends from The Giggling Goose in Lubbock made Laynee a “going away outfit”! So cute!


Visiting with Grandad Jack, Gammi, and Rex!


Visiting Mama Jean at the Bank



We are having lots of fun with our sweet Laynee! Can’t believe she’s 8 months old already!

Now for “other news”… We are in Burleson now, living under the roof of Carter and Susan Mahanay. We spent a good month looking at existing homes in the area that we wanted to live, and nothing seemed to be the right fit for us, so we have decided to build with Best Homes! We are looking at a lot in Cooper Valley, which is in Joshua, TX. It is the “halfway point” – about 10 minutes from Burleson (family and church) and 15 minutes from Talin’s job in Cleburne, and they happen to have the best schools around! We are finalizing the plans and the paperwork this week and hopefully things will get started in the next week or so! We are very excited! So that means we will be with my parents for a few months longer. I hope we don’t overstay our welcome! (I don’t think Laynee will allow that!)

Talin is liking his job! He’s getting the documentation system all figured out, and getting more efficient every day! We are all really enjoying Friday afternoons; getting off at noon is really a good deal!

Coming up this month we are going to go meet Mr. Truett Alan Huggins, newborn baby of our good friends, Chris and Samantha! We are also going on our first overnight away from Laynee next weekend for a delayed anniversary trip! For Labor Day, I am going to have a girl’s weekend with the Lubbock girls, and Talin and Laynee are going to San Antonio with LaRhea! I am kind of sad about being away from her for a weekend, but I know she’ll be in good hands! We’ll have lots of pictures to post next month! See you then!


2 Responses to “Our 8 month Old Energizer Bunny”

  1. Lesley Says:

    Reading your post made me miss you guys! Can’t wait to see you in a few weeks!

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