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Angel Baby! 7 Months Old July 16, 2011

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I don’t know how you can NOT believe in The Creator if you have been fortunate enough to participate in bringing a child into the world. We sit and watch this baby and all of the ways she is changing and growing, and we count ourselves blessed to have her in our lives! She is SEVEN MONTHS OLD! And becoming more fun everyday! Some things Laynee is doing at 7 months old:

* Grabbing, Grabbing, Grabbing, Reaching and Grabbing some more.

* Rocking, swiveling, alternating arms to go where she wants… She started crawling ON her 7 month birthday!!!

* Eating baby food and loving it!

* Laughing, babbling, and flirting. She does this cute head tilt thing that I really need to catch in a picture!

* Sleeping great – down to 2 long naps a day, with short third if needed

* Growing attached to Mommy and Daddy. Dropping her off at Bible Class is fine, being held by a stranger is fine, but Mommy better not dare walk out of her sight at home or she will let you know that she is not pleased! (This drives Mommy a little crazy, so we go on a lot of outings!! She does great in public!)

* Loves the water, bathing and swimming!

* Is getting BETTER in the car seat! FINALLY!!!

* Still hates getting her clothes changed.

* Loves to be outside

* She is getting her first tooth! We felt it on July 8th, so I guess she reached more than one milestone that day!

Here are some pictures from the last month or so:


“I’ve got my workin’ boots on, ready to get down to business!” (Daddy packed his tools, Laynee was helping)


Visiting with Mommy’s friend, Amy, who brought Laynee an adorable outfit! (See Austin trip pictures!)


Meeting future friend Miss Savannah Robyn Fryar, who was only a week old at the time this picture was taken!


Cousin Tyler and Alyssa came to babysit while Mommy went to the dentist!


Playing with Daddy…


In June, Talin had a Continued Ed course in Austin! So we met up with Mom, Dad and Nicole for a weekend of fun!

Austin (4)

Here is that outfit Amy got Laynee! If you can’t tell, the shirt says “I love shoes”

Austin (7)

“I really do love shoes! They are delicious!”

We went for a day of shopping fun at the Round Rock Outlets. Laynee hung out with PawPaw while we shopped! She did great!

Austin (11)

Shopping is hard work!

Austin (12)

We also went for a visit at the Austin Botanical Gardens. It was HOT!

Austin (19)

Austin (28)

We tried out the hotel swimming pool after the Garden Trip, and that was perfect!

Austin (40)

Austin (42)

We also got to have dinner with some friends from Talin’s PT Class! Brooke and Dave Godino went to Childbirth Classes with us in the fall, and they have this little cutie, Cruise! He is three weeks older than Laynee, and PRECIOUS!!! He is constantly smiling, such a sweetie!

Austin (48)


So that’s about it! We officially left Lubbock on July 11th. It was so hard to say goodbye to friends there, but we are enjoying our time in Burleson, spending time with family and playing House Hunters-Texas edition. And our house in Lubbock is under contract! Yahoo!!! We are so thankful!


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