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6 Months–Happy Half Birthday, Laynee Sue! June 10, 2011

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Things Laynee is doing at Six Months –

~Sitting up!! She started doing this all by herself about a week before her Half birthday

~Eating rice cereal everyday (and liking it!)

~Still sleeping great!

~Swimming at Texas Tech’s Mommy and Me class… pictures to come!

~Starting to reach for Mommy and Daddy

~Still cries in the car seat!!

~Pushing up when she’s on her tummy to look around. This is  especially sweet when she wakes up in the morning and she pushes up and looks at the door to watch for us to come in! She doesn’t even cry, just waits for us and then greets us with a big smile!


It’s getting increasingly harder to take her picture without her grabbing her doll or rolling over or kicking!! Here’s the best we could do for her 6 month picture!


That sweet polka dot dress is the dress that Talin and I bought when we found out she was a girl back in July last year! It is even cuter on her than we imagined!


I like to chew my toes…


With Uncle Danny and Aunt Laura


Visiting with Samantha and future boyfriend… Truett Alan Huggins! You can tell Laynee already likes him!


Unfortunately I deleted a bunch of pictures off of my camera on accident!! Boo!! So to finish up, I’ll share a couple of cute videos!





About to get in for our first day of Swim Class!


All the kids together… What a fun group!


If you saw the post below this one entitled “We are Moving!”, then you will have to bear with me over the next month as I feverishly try to get ready for the move. I don’t think I’ll be posting much but I will try to at least keep taking pictures so that I will have some to share once I get my head on straight! Thanks for checking on us… the next time I post, we will probably be relocated!


2 Responses to “6 Months–Happy Half Birthday, Laynee Sue!”

  1. Amy Says:

    Love the brown dress! Cute pictures!

  2. Joan Pitts Says:

    Love the beauty queen in her bathing suit. You must keep it for her when she enters the Miss Texas
    contest in 20 years.

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