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We are moving! June 8, 2011

Filed under: Family Updates — Talin @ 2:33 pm

It became official yesterday, and it’s time to let everyone know! Talin has been offered a job at Cleburne Physical Therapy, and he is scheduled to start on July 18th! We are really excited about the move, but we are extremely sad to be leaving family, friends, and our church in Lubbock. The plan was to start looking for a job this summer and plan to move in the fall. We didn’t think he would get an offer so quickly, but the conditions seem right, so we are going for it. Mom and Dad have offered to let us stay with them until we can get into a house, which hopefully won’t be too long! We have a house to sell before we can buy another, so if anyone is looking or knows someone who is looking for a charming little cottage on the Northwest side of Lubbock, let us know!!

On another note, our sweet baby is 6 months old today!!! Hopefully I will have time to do a blog post later today, but here’s a cute picture to tide you over!



One Response to “We are moving!”

  1. Pam Says:

    Hip hip horray!

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