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Giggling Girl May 15, 2011

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You can act like a complete fool, jump around like a monkey, oink like a pig, and be completely goofy… She will probably just stare at you. But, dig a hole with a post hole digger and she will think that is the funniest thing she’s ever seen! Here she was when Talin was planting flowers in our front yard:

Laynee laughs

Excuse the bad footage… I had to use my old digital camera because the new one had a full SD card, and I just had to go with what I had at the time! You can’t stop to clean off your SD card when a baby’s laughing (if you want to get it on video!)

A few more fun pics to share…

We went out to the farm this past weekend, and Laynee rode a tractor:


Went “swimming” in the cooled down hot tub:


Swinging in the tire swing:


Helped MiMi cook:


And got so tired, she fell asleep at the dinner table!



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  1. Very cute baby.

    Barbara Claussen M
    Baby Monitor Reviews

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