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Five Months!! And Easter… And Mother’s Day… May 9, 2011

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Our little sweetie turned 5 months old yesterday!! At 5 months old, Laynee is:

  • Getting lots of comments on those beautiful eyelashes! She will never need mascara!
  • Rolling all around, both ways!
  • No longer being swaddled! We’ve transitioned to a “Sleep sack”, and she’s done great with it!
  • Traveling all over her crib at night.
  • Changing eye color! They’re changing from the dark blue they were to a greenish color!
  • Laughing and smiling all the time – with a big, open mouth when she’s really excited.
  • Proving to be hot natured. She gets red cheeked when she gets hot, but loves to be outside! I think we’ll have a great time this summer!
  • Grabbing at everything – the other night, she raked my peas off my dinner plate!
  • Loving bath time
  • Hating clothes changing time
  • Growing more hair! It’s getting lighter, too!
  • Working on putting her “paci” back in her mouth all by herself! I just watched her do it on the monitor when she woke up from her nap! She went back to sleep after getting it in! What a good girl!!
  • STILL hating the car seat- mainly just the being strapped down part.
  • Chomping with ferocity – maybe getting a tooth?? We’re not sure, she’s been chomping for a long time and we haven’t seen one yet.
  • Eating 5 times a day, still sleeping through the night.. from about 8:30 or 9 pm until 7:30 am. Yahoo Laynee!!!
  • We haven’t started solids yet, we’ll do that next month. She’s getting one feeding of formula per day, and the rest breast milk right now. When she was 3 months old, she started having a little blood in her stool. We took her to the doctor, who suspected a “milk protein allergy” to be the culprit. That would be a sensitivity to cow’s milk coming through my system. So, I had to completely cut out dairy. No milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, sour cream, cream cheese!!! The blood stopped, and after about a month, he said I could try reintroducing one thing to see how she does. Most babies “outgrow” the problem by 6 – 8 months, a smaller percentage outgrow it by 3-5 years. I sure hope we are the former. I ate cheese, and she had blood in her stool again. So, I am back off dairy, and therefore cannot use any of the hundreds of ounces of milk I have in my freezer because I was eating dairy when it was pumped!!! Boo!!! If she doesn’t build up a tolerance for it in the next few months, I am going to donate it to the hospital. We are having to give her one bottle of hypoallergenic formula a day because when I started back at work, my supply decreased, and I cannot use any of the frozen milk. So sad.

Now for some pictures!!!


Aunt Pam took this picture on Easter Sunday – really shows off those lashes!!


Here she is in a sweet Easter outfit that my friend gave us!


Laynee and Granny in the Easter dress Granny made! It was so precious, but didn’t quite fit… hoping to get some good wear out of it this summer!


Dad and Talin putting together a stroller… HaHa!


Laynee in Bible Class on Easter Sunday. She did great!


Family picture at Aunt Pam’s house!


The Mahanay great-grandkids. Silas, Jamas, Torie, Laynee, Ryan and Hudson.  Yes, this was the best picture we could get! I don’t think a single one of them is looking at the camera!


Jacob, Uncle Danny, Co-Woah and Laynee


Laynee with her Pawpaw


Showing off her tricks….



Her onesie says “I’m a big deal at LCU!”


Laynee went to her first graduation… to watch her cousin Jason, he graduated from LCU with a degree in Animal Science. Yay Jason!! Laynee did great during the ceremony!


In a sweet dress that MiMi got her in Nicaragua.


Mother’s Day lunch at the Sherrick.


Here we are with Mama Jean and LaRhea.


These two made my first Mother’s Day the best!!!


Time for your 5 month picture, Laynee!

Quit kicking so we can see how tall you’ve gotten!


Here she is, 5 months old! And such a blessing to her Mommy and Daddy!























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