T-n-A Pepper

Talin -n- Amanda

Laynee Sue Pepper, 4 months Old April 18, 2011

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I know I am again late in posting… Some anxious grandparents have informed me that I do not post enough pictures. You’ll have to bear with me! I’ve started back to work, and the time I get to spend at home I would rather spend loving on this precious little munchkin instead of playing on the computer!! For now, her Pawpaw is entertaining her so I can work on a post!!


At four months old, Laynee is reaching and grabbing things!! She also started rolling over!! I knew it was going to happen any day now when I went back to work on Monday, and sure enough, on Tuesday night she rolled over for Daddy and me! She is getting better and better at it.. here is a video we took of her tonight!

She has also been laughing! Here is a video of Daddy tickling her… you can’t see her very well, but somehow when the camera comes out, she doesn’t perform… so I had to keep at an angle where I wouldn’t disturb her laughter!



And this is why you never kiss a baby shortly after she eats…. 


Terrible picture of me, but I love the way she’s smiling… She thought that was really funny!


Heading to church…



She looks so big in the laundry basket!!


Four Months. Can’t believe it!


Laynee loves this doorway jumper we got her… She loves to spin around and look at everything going on around her!


It’s amazing to me how she gets more and more fun everyday. We are so blessed!!!


I survived my first week back to work… It was a tough week, but we made it and I know these next six weeks will fly by! I am so thankful for Dad, Mom, and LaRhea for taking care of her while I am at work. I haven’t worried about her at all, just wish I was there to see all of the things she is learning and the ways she is growing. It is amazing how quickly she changes! Thanks for checking in… see you at FIVE MONTHS!


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