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Week long Getaway April 4, 2011

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Laynee and I went on our first week long trip… We had a blast visiting family in Burleson, but we were sure glad to be home with Daddy! Here are some pictures from our week:

It was cool most of the week, but on our last evening there we got to go on a walk and soak up the sun!

March2011BurlesonTrip (1)

Happy baby!

March2011BurlesonTrip (31)

We saw out on the porch one afternoon and the neighbor donkeys came to visit! Laynee was fascinated with them, but I’m not sure Nana and Paw Paw are enjoying them quite so much. They have taken to hee-hawing at the coyotes in the middle of the night!

March2011BurlesonTrip (33)

Relaxin’ with Nana

March2011BurlesonTrip (37)

Jacob got a nice surprise! Spit up all over him!!!

March2011BurlesonTrip (58)

Grandpa fixed Laynee up a birthday brownie… The sign says “Happy 3 and 2/3 month birthday!”

March2011BurlesonTrip (26)

Laynee and Grandma… getting sleepy!

March2011BurlesonTrip (30)

Laughing at Granny tickles!

March2011BurlesonTrip (14)

Bathtime! How many adults does it take to bathe a baby? The answer is 4… One to hold her so she doesn’t slip, One to pour water, One to scrub and one to take pictures!

March2011BurlesonTrip (18)

Getting some kisses from Co-Woah

March2011BurlesonTrip (9)

And meeting Tracee for the first time!

March2011BurlesonTrip (4)

We had a great week. I really enjoyed seeing everyone and showing off our precious little girl! While we were there, Dad kept Laynee for almost the whole day Friday and Mom, Nicole and I went shopping and got pedicures! It was WONDERFUL! I missed being with her, but it sure is nice to go shopping without worrying about her eating, pottying, screaming ways!!!!!

This is my LAST week of maternity leave. I am extremely sad that it is coming to an end. I am really going to miss my time having Laynee all to myself all day long! I cannot believe how fast 4 months has gone by. But I know we will make it through these 7 weeks and summer will be here when I can get back to focusing only on her!


One Response to “Week long Getaway”

  1. Pam Says:

    We are so glad you got to come for a week also, that way there was plenty of time to see everyone and everyone could hold her without overwhelming her! Hope the 7 weeks pass quickly!


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