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Movin and Shakin! March 23, 2011

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For about the past week Laynee has been considerably happier during the day!! Yahoo!! She had been a bit of a fussy pants, but for reasons unbeknownst to me, she has come around! She is talking a lot more, she has even laughed a couple of times! I know she is going to be grabbing things any day now. It is so much fun being with her everyday!!! I am really going to be sad to go back to work in a few weeks… I feel like I am going to miss out on so much! But I know I can do it, for just 7 weeks and then I’ll get to have Mommy and Laynee time again! LaRhea, Mom and Dad are going to take turns keeping her while I am at work… I am so thankful to have them. I couldn’t imagine having to send her off to someone I didn’t know. It is going to be great, but I’m still going to miss her!

We’re practicing rolling over, but she’s not quite there yet. She is working on “scooting”- she is really a good wiggler. Here is a picture of why we are going to have to start buckling her in her bouncy seat:


She is also scooting around in her bed in the night. We will lay her down where we can see her face on the monitor and by the morning she has sometimes scooted out of range! I think that’s pretty impressive considering she is swaddled! She hasn’t escaped her swaddler again since our ski trip. I think that was Mommy’s faulty wrapping!

We got out this fun little bouncer, and she has really enjoyed playing in it! You can tell she wants to grab the toys on it, but can’t quite figure out how.


Here is Laynee and Mimi


We had to wear this little outfit even though it is technically a Christmas outfit, she just grew big enough for it to fit! So cute!!



3 Responses to “Movin and Shakin!”

  1. Pam Says:

    Thanks for the post. It makes the workday more fun! Love to see her pictures!

  2. Leslye Says:

    Keaton’s grandparents kept him from the time I went back to work in November until Christmas break! I was so thankful that it worked out for us too. It was also nice because I was so tired when I came home from teaching and it was nice to have another person around the house to help out. Then he was three months old when he went to the babysitter. Thankfully we have a wonderful babysitter who goes to church with us. It was so nice to know I was leaving him with someone I knew! Are you planning on teaching next year or staying home with her? She is such a cutie! Isn’t being a Mommy so great?

    • Amanda Pepper Says:

      It is great Leslye! It gets more and more fun as she gets older and more interactive. Those smiles and laughs make the hard times worth it!!! I am not going to teach next year, I’m resigning this summer! YAY!!! I am really excited 🙂

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