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Laynee’s first Ski Trip! March 18, 2011

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My Grandpa wanted to go skiing for his 80th birthday. His birthday was actually in December, but several of us got to go to Angelfire for a Spring Break trip!! We packed Mom and Dad’s Highlander FULL of junk, somehow managed to fit a tiny 10 pound baby, and trekked over to New Mexico. Laynee did awesome on her first long trip… We were in the car 8 hours! I felt so bad for her being strapped down in that car seat, but she was a trooper! Here is a picture of all of the junk we took up to the Ski Lodge! I skied, and Mom, Brooke, and Grandma took care of Laynee!

Ski2011 (2)

Ski2011 (3)


Ski2011 (6)

Here are all of the skiers… Danny, Dad, me, Colin, Blair, Kim, Grandpa, Coy and Eric… in case you can’t tell who we are in our garb!

Ski2011 (11)

Ski2011 (12)

Laynee managed to completely escape from her swaddler while we were there!! But she still slept all night!! Woo-Hoo!

Ski2011 (14)

Ski2011 (15)

Brooke held her! That is not a cry on her face, it was pre-sneeze!

Ski2011 (17)

We went shopping in Red River for the afternoon and Blair and Kim took turns carrying Laynee in the carrier! You should’ve seen some of the disapproving looks Blair was getting!! It was pretty funny!

Ski2011 (18)

We had a great time with the family. So glad Laynee and I got to go. We really missed Talin, he wasn’t able to get off work to join us. He was thankful to have us home!

We got home on Wednesday, and Laura and Lindsey came over to visit. Lindsey made this night light for Laynee’s nursery out of a glass block! So cute, I just had to throw in a picture of it! She is taking orders if you want one!!

Ski2011 (21)


One Response to “Laynee’s first Ski Trip!”

  1. co-woah Says:

    I can’t believe Brooke finally held a baby!!! And might i say, Laynee was wearing a VERY cute outfit at the time 🙂

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