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3 Months…. a Little Late! March 18, 2011

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Laynee was 3 months old almost 2 weeks ago… whoops! Sorry for the delay. I know I should post more, but it’s hard to get in computer time with a cat-nappy girl like I have! At three months old, Laynee is really starting to show us her personality. She is smiling A LOT (when she’s in a good mood!) She can roll to her side from her back. We are coming to terms with the fact that she is not a snuggly, cuddly kind of girl. Boo… that makes Mommy and Daddy sad because we would love to just sit on the couch and snuggle her all day, but this little one does not go for that. She only wants to be held if you are going to hold her facing out so she can see what is going on, and she would prefer if you were walking around! If we are lucky, she might let us snuggle her before laying her down for a nap… but that’s only if she’s tired enough not to fight it! She really likes to be on the floor or in her bouncer watching what is going on. She kicks her legs and swings her arms all of the time! She likes to take short 30-45 minute naps between feedings. She has been sleeping all night for a while now, since she was about 6 weeks old! Here are some pictures taken since my last post:

Sitting in my Bumbo… This was on February 17th!


Our first walk in the jogging stroller… courtesy of Monica Higgins! Thank you, Monica for letting us borrow it! We have really enjoyed it!



Snuggling with Daddy before naptime…



Laynee really enjoys being in this carrier! If my back could take it, she would like me to walk around all day like this!


YAhoo! She finally enjoys being in the swing! We are SO thankful to Lesley for letting us borrow this swing and the carrier among other things… They have sure made our days happier!


Here she is playing in her play gym.


She was just shy of turning 3 months old when she went to Bible Class for the first time! Here was her outfit for the occasion:


And here she is in class… These were taken with Talin’s phone, so the pictures aren’t very good!

photo 1 (1)

Here she is next to Lola… Laynee is fading into La La land, and Lola says “What is that giant puff over there??”

photo 2

She didn’t last in the Bumbo chair very long. Class is right during her naptime, so she got cranky and spent most of that hour in the swing. We are teaching the class next door, so we heard her screaming for a little while. I felt bad for her teachers, but they were so good to her!

Here we are after bath time!!


And here is our 3 month picture!



One Response to “3 Months…. a Little Late!”

  1. Paw Paw Says:

    Most beautiful baby ever! Even more so in person.

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