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Splish Splash, she was takin’ a bath! December 27, 2010

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Laynee’s cord finally fell off on Christmas Eve, so tonight we got to give her a real bath! She did great! She really liked the warm water!


Here she is with Co-Woah, getting ready to dive in!




Mommy and Daddy were very fast!



All clean! Don’t be fooled, that’s not a smile… she did not like it when we took her out of the water!



I wanted to share a few more pictures too! Here are a couple from last Sunday when Laynee went to church for the first time, and our church gave her a bible!

2010 First Time to church (1)

2010 First Time to church (6)

Here we are with our friends Gary and Melody and their babies, Katy and Kenzy, who is just a few days older than Laynee.


Thank you, South Plains, for the precious bible and the books for Mom and Dad!!

Here is JD checking out Laynee and her giant bow!


Laynee was on her best behavior for her first trip to church! She slept the entire time!


One Response to “Splish Splash, she was takin’ a bath!”

  1. Amy Says:

    She looked beautiful at church! Glad you had fun giving her the first of many baths!

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