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Thanksgiving Break, Nursery ready! November 28, 2010

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Thank goodness for Thanksgiving Break! I was so thankful not only to be able to spend time with my wonderful family, but also for the HUGE help they were while they were up here! Mom, Dad and Nicole came to Lubbock for Thanksgiving this year because I am not supposed to be traveling more than 2 hours away at this point. I feel so much more prepared for Laynee to come – we got almost everything ready while they were here! Here are some pictures:

Us posing with the first turkey any of us had ever attempted to make! It turned out great! Good job, Mom, you really did all the work!



Getting the stuff sorted!!




Talin and Dad were a huge help too, putting things together and hanging curtains!





Aren’t the curtains precious?? I love them – Granny did a fabulous job! Thank you, Granny!


Got to visit with Cason and Caitlin too!! So glad to see them!




Now for some pictures of the final product… the walls are still kind of bare, but I have plans for them that include pictures of our sweet baby girl, which our cousin Jordan is going to take here in just a few weeks!!!

Here is Talin practicing gliding with Rex…




Here is a picture of the precious name train that Mr. and Mrs. Ellis gave us! Mrs. Ellis was my kindergarten teacher, and I volunteered in her classroom when I was in high school. I have been so blessed to keep in touch with her ever since! Her husband is a talented woodworker, he made this train! We love it!! Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Ellis!



And here are the beautiful letters that Cathie McMahan made for Laynee’s wall!!! I had her son in class last year, and she is the craftiest Mom I know! I was so excited when she offered to make us some wall art because I knew they would be awesome. They fit perfectly in the room! Thank you, Cathie!!!





So I guess things are ready to go!! We are so excited!! We are so blessed to have good reports at every Doctor’s appointment. I go again for a “growth check” on Tuesday, so I will let you know her stats.

We are getting so close! 2 and 1/2 weeks and we will be parents!


3 Responses to “Thanksgiving Break, Nursery ready!”

  1. Hollie Says:

    Her nursery is beautiful…you guys did a fantastic job! Just a few short days and miss Laynee will be here!!! Lila can’t wait to meet her 😉

  2. Lesley Says:

    Looks like y’all are all set! In just a few days your lives will be changed forever!

  3. Amy Says:

    Such an exciting time Amanda! It looks great!

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