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Baby Laynee Update November 4, 2010

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All is well! I had my 34 week sonogram on Tuesday, and things looked good! She still likes to keep those little hands on her face, so we didn’t get any good pictures! I’m guessing she wants to wait until “the big reveal”! Fluid levels and blood flow all looked good. She has turned head down!!!!!!!! YAY!

The only thing that is different is that she is measuring in the 16th percentile on size. They are estimating her to be around 4 pounds, 11 ounces right now. At 30 weeks, she was in the 26th percentile. Because of her small size, the doctor wants me to have weekly fetal monitoring. So, I am going to start going every Tuesday for Non Stress Tests… basically I sit in a comfy recliner and they hook up a monitor on a belt over my belly which tracks her heartbeat and picks up any contractions I may have. They want to make sure that she has good movement, that her heart rate reacts appropriately to her own movement and to contractions. I’ll have weekly sonograms to check her growth and to check on the umbilical cord and blood flow. The only reason we are doing this is because of her size, everything else looks great! So, I am excited about it because we will get to see her every week. This is basically just precautionary, and that makes me feel good too! They said that her small size is probably due to my small size, but that they just want to keep an eye on her to be sure it’s not something else. I’m thankful that they are going to do this, I feel like we are very well taken care of!

Maybe with weekly sonograms we will get some good pictures of her!

Yesterday it was officially SIX WEEKS until our due date. I can’t believe that it has gone by so fast. I know I say that all the time, but it really amazes me! We are getting so excited to meet this little girl! The nursery is coming along nicely – I will put up pictures soon!

The wonderful ladies at my school gave us a baby shower yesterday and we got lots of great stuff, including an abundance of diapers! The blessings keep on coming, because we are having another shower at our church in Lubbock next week!!! I will post pictures!

Thanks for checking up! Please pray for us and we enter the last weeks we have as a family of two!! I’m praying that she will stay in there as long as it is the best place for her to be!!!


One Response to “Baby Laynee Update”

  1. Susan Says:

    I think Laynee will fit right in with this immediate family – none of the rest of us like to have a light in our face when we are sleeping!

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