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30 Week Sonogram October 8, 2010

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We had another blessed doctor appointment today!! Here is the 4-1-1:


She is currently in breech position…. which is ok for now, but they want to do another sonogram in a month to see if she has turned. They said that is not to worry about at this point, she has plenty of time. So, YAY! We get to see her again in sonogram, which makes me happy because we didn’t get that great of pictures today. She had both of her hands on her face, and she was curled up very tightly. They had to jostle me to get her to take her hands off her face.


She is in the 26th percentile on size right now… so that is good news, at least she is not a giant baby like I was…. not at this point anyway, but things can change!


The circumference of her head was 26 centimeters. They estimated her weight to be around 3 lbs, 4 oz. Her heart was running at 144 bpm.


On to the fun part! The pics!


We think she kind of looks like Talin in this picture:



The rest are all profile pictures, because she didn’t want to look at the camera! And she is pouting too!



In this one, she was rubbing her eye!



This one shows off that cute little double chin!!



We got to see her yawning, too, that was really neat! We thought this would be our last sonogram, but apparently we get to have at least one more! So, we are going to start encouraging her to flip over! She has been very active during the daytime. I am still feeling great, no problems to report! I am starting to get a little more tired, but that is manageable. Talin has now been working for 3 weeks and he is really enjoying his job!


I am very excited because some wonderful ladies are throwing our first baby shower in Burleson this weekend. I can’t wait!!! We will definitely post some pictures next week. Thanks for checking in, hope you enjoyed the pics. We think she’s going to be a cutie, but we are a little biased!


2 Responses to “30 Week Sonogram”

  1. chappyhc Says:

    Hudson was breech until after 37 weeks…..she’ll turn, just give her some time! Sometimes they are just SO stubborn!! She’s a cutie!

  2. LaRhea Says:

    wow — it is always amazing — such a little miracle. xo L

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