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Woodworking Bug August 28, 2010

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Since I finished up with school, I have been spending my time studying in preparation for by board exam.  Since I can’t spend all day studying, I decided that I would build some end tables for our living room.  So, I did and they turned out very nice.

 End Tables (4)     End Tables (5)

It’s amazing how this pile of wood can turn into ———————> this table

End Tables (6) 

The finished products before staining.

End Tables (7) End Tables (10)

Completed tables —————————–> Then the set-up in the living room!


I was quite surprised and pleased with how these turned out, that I decided to make something else.  Since we are going to have a new little one here very soon, I thought that I would attempt to make a changing table. 

Changing Table (2) Changing Table (5) Changing Table (6) Changing Table (7)

It turned out very nice as well and a lot cheaper for materials than buying one from the store.


To make things match a little better in the nursery, I wanted to stain a little book shelf that we had in that room before for books and toys, etc.  So, while I was in the staining mood, I went ahead and re-finished that book shelf as well.  It turned out pretty good, but the wood didn’t take to stain as good as the other pieces that I made.  I think it looks good enough to match.

Book Shelf


My next project was to give the vanity the Amanda’s Grandpa made for her 14 years ago a face lift.  I used the same color stain and we also re-covered the bench.  It turned out very nice as well.  I made sure not to stain over or cover any of the messages from Grandpa on the back.

 Vanity (1) Vanity (2) Vanity (3)  Vanity (5) Vanity (6) Vanity (7)


So, I think that is all of the wood projects I am planning on for a while.  Next I’m on to painting the nursery!


One Response to “Woodworking Bug”

  1. Susan Says:

    Talin, Everthing looks great – you did a wonderful job.

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