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Week 22 August 12, 2010

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We are so blessed and so thankful for another great doctor’s report today!!! We had a sonogram this morning, and Laynee is weighing in at a whopping 15 ounces, so almost a pound, and her heartbeat was running at a very strong 146 bpm. I know there are some anxious grandparents out there who want to see some pictures! So, here goes:


Here she is with her hand up by her face… and, yes, they said that she is “definitely” a girl.


Here she is again with her arm up!! She really likes to be curled up as tightly as possible, with her hands by her face.


They had to jostle my belly because her knees were blocking our view of her heart! But, she did move her knees and we saw that everything looked great with her heart, brain, kidneys and liver!!


And this is my favorite picture! Her little face, with her hand and you can see all of her little fingers!!! She is looking cuter than she did at 17 weeks!! I just think this is such a precious picture, and Talin would like to point out that this is her LEFT hand that she is raising, so he is hoping she will be a lefty like her Daddy. We’ll see!


And here is what I am looking like at 22 weeks! I can no longer wear my normal pants without adjustment, and in that case I need a really long shirt to cover up if I am going in public..and that is not so easy to do when you have a torso that is extremely long. So, I am starting to hit the maternity clearance racks! If you are in Lubbock and know of a great place to get resale or cheap maternity clothes, please leave a comment!!


We are so grateful to find out that our little girl is healthy and growing as she should be. I am still feeling great, no complications at all!! Thank you for the prayers and thoughts!! We are so blessed!!!!!


One thing I am sad about is that school starts too soon! I will start Staff Development week on Monday, and then we will have kids on the 23rd. Talin went to school with me and moved all of my furniture and “stuff” where it should be, so that part is ready, but I need to get in gear and get myself mentally prepared! I will sure miss sleeping late and doing whatever I want to do!! I guess it is also kind of sad because Talin has been off this week, and I keep thinking about how this is the LAST TIME ever that we will have just us two, not working, hanging out together and getting things done. I am excited for him to go to work, but it is going to be an adjustment for us! He is spending his time studying for the board exam and getting things ready for our baby girl to come! Our most recent tenant, Brent, one of Talin’s PT school friends, moved out of the house on Tuesday so we have been rearranging furniture and cleaning! He will hopefully be able to take the board exam by September 15th, and after that, hopefully start his job by October 1st.


Hope you enjoyed the pictures!! Thank you for visiting our blog! Have a great week!


3 Responses to “Week 22”

  1. Grandad Says:

    This is the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen! We’ll take her even if she is left handed.

  2. LaRhea Says:

    I completely agree — it is amazing what details can be seen — and I too am hoping she’s a lefty — ….her finger look long — so maybe she’ll be a piano player (or basketball could work too…). We want her to be well-rounded. xo L

  3. Hollie Says:

    Precious baby girl! 4D sonogram pics are sooo fun!

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