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Touring Cowboys Stadium July 6, 2010

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It has been a very busy few weeks in the Pepper neighborhood! I got to go on a short trip to Burleson last week, and we got to tour the new Jerry World!! We had so much fun, it was really neat to visit there, since I might never be able to afford to actually go watch a game in person. BUT, I have walked where Tony Romo walks!!!

Here is a shot of the 40 million dollar big screen.

Cowboys Tour (5)

Me in front of Romo’s $10,000 locker. Made out of some kind of special wood, can’t remember the specifics.

Cowboys Tour (14)

Cowboys Tour (16)

What good form we have…

Cowboys Tour (35)

Dad kicked a field goal, or shall we say attempted to kick one. It went about 5 yards. From the 10 yard line.

He blamed it on the holder, and we had flashbacks to that fateful day against the dreaded Seahawks.

Cowboys Tour (25)


Cowboys Tour (29)

And here is the only little factiod of information that I retained from our tour guide: There were 4 things brought over from Texas Stadium. 1.The star, 2. A patch of turf that they run out on on their way onto the field, 3. The hall of fame names of Aikman, Irvin, and Smith, and 4. The Tom Landry statue!

Cowboys Tour (1)

Thank you, Mom and Dad for taking us!! It was so fun!!!

 dallas cowboy pic


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