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Cabo San Lucas June 22, 2010

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LaRhea took us on a trip to Cabo San Lucas to celebrate Talin’s graduation!! We stayed for a whole week, and had a blast! Here is a glimpse into our week:

Here we are testing out the waters of the Sea of Cortez… chilly, if I do say so myself!

We stayed at a REALLY nice place, called Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Resort. It was gorgeous there, and set away from downtown. It was on the Pacific Ocean side of the peninsula, and swimming is not allowed there because of the intense waves and undercurrent… you can get your feet wet, but no swimming! We didn’t mind, the sights and sounds of the ocean were good enough, and especially because no vendors are allowed here!! Thank goodness!! You can walk on the beach in peace without people trying to sell you a multitude of bracelets, plates, and shawls! Here is a view from the pool that was close to our room.

Sunset walk on the beach…

Talin played golf at Cabo del Sol golf course. He played the Ocean Course, in which 6 of the holes are on the water! It was GORGEOUS! I rode along for the scenery, and had a great time!

I have tons more pictures of the golfing expedition, while I will put on facebook for those who are interested, but I will stop there! On to the rest of the trip…

Sitting on the beach, enjoying the view! Behind me is a community of multi-million dollar homes, which, supposedly includes owners such as Oprah and I can’t remember who else. We didn’t see any of them come out.

I am seeing broken bones and emergency room trips in my future because if our child is anything like his/her father, they will insist upon climbing on everything that looks climbable, and even some things that are not. Talin saw this “chair” in the rocks, and couldn’t resist it.

Tony Romo!!

Okay, really, that’s Talin, trying to run before he was taken out by a wave, but this picture looks like it came straight out of an allergy medicine commercial or something of that sort!

Here we are about to get on board for our Sunset Dinner Cruise!

Passing “The Arch”… famous Cabo landmark

These sea lions were hanging out by the Arch!

We also saw lots of Manta Rays catching their supper by bolting towards the top of the water, shooting up about 3 feet, and then belly flopping! That was an interesting sight!

We got to Swim with dolphins, too!! That was really neat! The dolphin took each of us for a ride, and then kissed us, and we got to feed it. Here we are at the dolphin center, holding the Macaw that lives there.

Our dolphin was named Ende, a five year old female. She was really fun!

We took a water taxi over to “Lover’s Beach” and Talin and LaRhea snorkeled! I sat under an umbrella and read because the waves were not agreeing with me.

Here we are on our last night, heading out to dinner. We had such a relaxing, fun week! Thank you, LaRhea for taking us to Cabo San Lucas!! It was an unforgettable, fabulous vacation!

I’m sure you were wondering “What’s new with Baby Pepper?”… Well, baby did very well on our vacation, and I felt great, except for the occasional tiredness. I just tried to drink plenty of water and not let myself get overheated, and everything was fine! We will be FIFTEEN weeks into this tomorrow. It is still so mind boggling to me. Supposedly, the baby should be about the size of a navel orange, about 4 inches long!!! It is amazing to me that I cannot see or feel something that big! No, I’m really not showing yet… I’m thinking it will be awhile because of my freakishly long torso. We will go to the doctor next Friday, but just for measuring, weighing, and listening to the heartbeat. No sonogram until 20 weeks, and then we will have the go ahead to start thinking about names and nursery and all of that fun stuff!! So, that will be 5 weeks from now, or the last week in July! That is the latest news for us! Will keep you posted!


2 Responses to “Cabo San Lucas”

  1. Mom Says:

    Love the pictures – looks like y’all had a great time!

  2. Deidra Dacus Says:

    Looks like a great trip! I’m so thrilled you and Talin are having a baby! Children are nothing but gifts from God, and He knows exactly what we need. Have you been on http://www.babycenter.com? They have so much good information and weekly emails to tell you what is going on with your baby that week. I loved it. http://www.babycenter.com/pregnancy-fetal-development-index Anyway, be safe and i can’t wait to hear what you are having!

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