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12 Week Ultrasound June 2, 2010

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We got a great report at the Doctor’s office today!!  We weren’t sure what the baby was going to look like at this point, I figured it would probably be another lima bean looking thing.  But we saw body parts!!  It has arms and legs, little hands and feet, a head, and a heart that is beating strong!  It was beating at 164 bpm this time!  Everything looked great!  Thank you God once again for blessing us and giving us this miracle baby!  I can’t believe that He is entrusting this to US!  We’re just going to continue praying that God will lead us because this is so scary and yet so exciting at the same time!!


The baby was wiggling and waving and moving all around!! It is amazing to me that this is supposedly inside of me, but I can’t feel a thing!! Our sonographer gives you a CD with a video of the baby, so we have attached that. It’s about 5 minutes long. Talin also took some still pictures from the video. WE ARE SO BLESSED!!! Thank you for the prayers!!


I know that it is no coincidence that ever since we have “gone public”, I have STOPPED SPOTTING!! I know so many of you out there are praying for us, and I know that those prayers are heard. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have no idea what it means to us to know that we are being lifted up in prayer!!











12 Week Ultrasound


I have been cleared to go on our trip to Cabo San Lucas, so we will be leaving next Saturday for that! (Graduation gift from Talin’s Mom!!!) So we will definitely post pictures when we get back.


Thanks for checking up on our “Mini Pepper”!! We’ll keep you posted, our next sonogram will be in 8 weeks to find out if it is a boy or a girl!!!! Can’t wait!!! Yes, we’re going to find out, and yes, we’re going to tell everyone as soon as we know!


6 Responses to “12 Week Ultrasound”

  1. chappyhc Says:

    I am SO excited for you guys. What a relief to see that little gal or guy moving around. Isn’t it amazing how they are already so much like a grown baby but yet SOOO tiny. Truly a miracle! Love you!

  2. Pam Says:

    Thats the cutest little Pepper I’ve ever seen! She sure was active.

  3. Hollie Says:

    YEAH!!!! I didn’t know that you guys were pregnant!!! Congrats!!!! You guys are right behind us…we are at 13 weeks- Due Dec 4th! You and Melody due dates must be really close…so fun! Hope that you’ve been feeling well. Enjoy every minute of this amazing experience- it goes so fast!

  4. kristen reaves Says:

    so happy for you guys! You are going to be great parents! What a blessing! You will stay in my prayers 🙂

  5. Lisa Richardson Says:

    SO exciting! I watched this while I was at work and called all of my coworkers in to watch it with me. Everyone was so excited, we all had fun watching it together. Baby Pepper was a big hit at Kerr Middle School! It is amazing to see how things have changed in a few short weeks. God is so good, what a sweet little miracle!

  6. heather Says:

    that is so exciting!! i know spotting is scary! my first months of audrey’s pregnancy i spotted! but God delivered us an absolutely gorgeous little girl! i am so excited for both of you!!! congratulations!! i pray that everything continues to go well!! keep us updated with pictures!! mini pepper looks adorable!

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