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Finally Graduated… but not completely finished yet May 25, 2010

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So, I finally made it through almost all of my school.  This past Saturday I got to walk across the stage since there is only 1 graduation ceremony per year for TTUHSC, but I won’t be completely done until this August.  After that I will have to take my board exam and wait until I get my license before I can start working.  This summer I will be taking 7 credit hours of classes and plan on spending a good deal of time studying for my board exam so that I will be ready for it once I am done with all my class work.  Last week on Friday we has a Convocation ceremony where only the Allied Health graduates were there and were “hooded.”  After the ceremony there was a luncheon at the Frazier Pavilion.  Here are some of the pictures from Convocation.

Family Pic including Davy 2010_05 DrPepper Graduation (3) 2010_05 DrPepper Graduation (4) 2010_05 DrPepper Graduation (6)  Hooding


Then, on Saturday was the big graduation ceremony with the entire Health Sciences Center in the United Spirit Arena.  I lasted FOREVER.  It was all those nursing students.  There had to be 200 of them or more that went through.  Anyways, here are some of the shots from graduation.

Pic of the bigscreen 2010_05 DrPepper Graduation (18) 2010_05 DrPepper Graduation (19) 2010_05 DrPepper Graduation (20)


After graduation, (that lasted for 3HOURS!) we had a birthday / graduation celebration at our church.  I was excited because every year for my birthday instead of getting a regular cake, I get a cookie cake from Great American Cookie.  This year I got 2 huge ones!!  They were awesome!  We also had Dublin Dr. Pepper with cane sugar.   I was so glad to get to see everybody that came.  Thanks to everyone who was able to make it.  For those who didn’t you missed out on some great cookie cake and the surprising news that Amanda mentioned in the previous post. 

 Me and my cakes2010_05 DrPepper Graduation (10)

2010_05 DrPepper Graduation (25) 2010_05 DrPepper Graduation (26) Lesley and Amanda Jerod, Micah, and MeAwesome Dr. Pepper Jacket


So, it was an exciting weekend.  It was good to see all the family and get to spend some time together.  More to come later!


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