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Waffle finger!! April 13, 2010

Filed under: Family Updates — Talin @ 1:41 am

This might be weird, but I left out an exciting event from the last month!! So, one Saturday night, Talin was home, and I was cooking dinner for him. I decided I was going to waffle some zucchini with my Saladmaster. See picture below:

It is quite a handy tool, and makes grating cheese much faster! I love my Saladmaster!! Correction, LOVED my saladmaster!!

Anyway, back to my zuchinni…. I was waffling my zucchini, and I was pressing way too hard because my reasoning was that if I press harder, I will get bigger slices… All of a sudden, the slippery vegetable slipped out of my hand and I stabbed my middle finger into the waffle, hence, the “waffle finger”.

This was not a pleasant experience, not necessarily because of the pain, but because of the massive amounts of blood I lost, and the awful feeling of a chunk of my finger that is hanging loosely… It was very close to cutting all the way through to my fingernail! From the other side of my finger!!!! I was quite concerned that I was going to get an infection and have to have my finger amputated… Talin put some sterile strips on my it, and since then, it has grown back together, although it still feels very numb… I’m not sure if that’s normal, but it hasn’t been showing any other signs of infection so I think I will get to keep it! I told Talin that if he is wrong, and I should’ve gone to the doctor, and I have to lose my finger, he is going to GET IT!

So, here is a pic of my injury, a week and a half later:

I’d have to say it looks pretty good! At least it’s not blue anymore!! I wonder if you can have scarring on your fingertips??? Well if so, I will, and I will let you know!!

Moral of the story: Do NOT push with all your might while using a saladmaster, OR do push with all your might, but wear very thick work gloves.


5 Responses to “Waffle finger!!”

  1. Susan Says:

    That looks pretty disgusting – we all pretty much agree!

  2. Amy Says:

    This post makes me hurt, cringe, and just generally freak out. I’m glad your waffle finger has healed enough to type.

  3. chappyhc Says:

    Oh My Amanda….that is nasty! I don’t think one of those things!

  4. Amanda Says:

    Thanks, y’all! Glad to know that you sympathize with me!!! It really doesn’t hurt anymore, just numb feeling!

  5. Joven Says:

    that must very hurt…We are salad cutter producer and know the cutting drums are sharp..now we improve the design and has a component to protect your finger. Anyway, still needs extreme care when handling…

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