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March Madness April 12, 2010

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This post will have nothing to do with college basketball, so if that is what you were looking for, you might look elsewhere. I just couldn’t think of an exciting title!

Granddad Jack informed me that I needed to update the blog, so I thought… what better thing to do while I am sitting at home being sad about Talin not being here?? But then I realized that I don’t have very many pictures to post, so this might be kind of boring.

We will start with Spring Break, because it was the next noteworthy thing after Master Follies, which is the last thing that I posted about!

Spring Break was bittersweet. We started off the week with an 80th birthday for Granddad Jack, which was quite fun, but I do not have any pictures from that event, so I’m sorry! Lee and Ashley came down for a surprise visit, and it was good to see them! The next day, we headed north because Talin started his clinical in Amarillo on my first day of Spring Break. He is working at BSA Hospital in the Neuro Rehab Center. He is staying there with our friends, Chris and Samantha Huggins, who are the sweetest, dearest friends for letting him stay with them. I really appreciate them for offering their home to Talin and for taking care of him while we’re apart! YAY Chris and Samantha!!!! Chris and Talin are in PT school together, so they have fun talking about the many things they have in common, and then of course, Samantha and I have known each other pretty much since birth, so it’s a good match!! Samantha and Chris are also partly responsible for Talin and I getting together, so they are pretty high up on our list of people we love!

Anyway, Talin worked and Samantha and I shopped and watched TV and caught up! Tuesday morning I flew out from Amarillo to Dallas to spend some time with the fam. On Wednesday, we had a girl’s day, going out to brunch, seeing a movie, doing a little shopping, and getting pedicures! I didn’t get any pictures that day either! Then Thursday, Dad and I went out to lunch and to go on a tour of the new Cowboy’s Stadium!

Who would have known that ALL TOURS would be sold out???? Boo!!!! So we didn’t get to do that, but Dad has PROMISED that he will not go on a tour without me, and I will be sure that is on the list for next time I am in town… Yes, Dad, hope you are reading this! I do not forget!!

So, Plan B was to go visit a little museum downtown about the history of Fort Worth. We had a lot of fun going to that!!! There was some really interesting information; you should go if you have an open afternoon! It’s free!

We made our way back to Burleson, and met up with Mom and Nicole for dinner. I guess we were in a history mood or something, because we decided it would be fun to drive down to Alvarado/Venus and see some Mahanay/Hudson roots. So Dad took Nicole and I down and showed us around the land where his grandparents lived, where he visited growing up. It was neat to hear those stories and to stand on the same ground that family who came before us stood on! Here are some pictures…

The above picture is of Dad and Nicole on the front porch of the house where Grandma’s parents lived, the Hudsons. Dad remembers going out to help pour the concrete to make this porch when he was in college!

Here is an old bathtub, facing the barn.

Here we are standing in Dad’s best guess of where the Mahanay farm house stood. He didn’t visit this house as much, because his grandfather died and Grandmother moved into town when Dad was little.

It might be kind of morbid that we are posing and smiling by a gravesite, but it was really neat to see! And I do remember Grandmother, but I think that is the first time I have been to visit her grave. She was a special lady!

Anyway, that was my Spring Break trip! I had a lot of fun with the family! It made me miss them, and wish that we lived closer, which, Lord willing, we will someday! Yes, Poppy! It’s true!

I flew back to Amarillo on Friday afternoon. Talin was supposed to get off work at 5:00, and we were going to drive back to Lubbock for the weekend. He didn’t get off until 6:30!!! So, we got off a bit later than we planned, but it all worked out fine. So far, he has been there 4 weeks. He has been able to come home every weekend, which I am so thankful for, but I worry about him when he’s driving that LONG, STRAIGHT highway. Keep him in your prayers!! It has not been fun being apart, but I have to say that it has gone by kind of fast so far, so let’s hope the second half does too. May 7th will be his last day!! Then, he will have graduation on May 22nd, a summer of classes, and then he will be officially finished with school mid August!

That’s all for now, I’ll try to get him to take some pictures of him in Amarillo and do a post from his fancy iphone. Have a great week!




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  1. chappyhc Says:

    I need to go look at the same things you guys did…..it kinda made me teary eyed reading about it!

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