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Winter Wonderlands! January 1, 2010

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So we have finally been able to set up the computer and get all of our pictures together to do a proper post. As I mentioned earlier we went to Burleson to see Amanda’s family. Here are some pictures:


I got a nice air tool set!


Amanda got a new wardrobe of clothes!


Hot Diggity Dog!


Nicole also got a new wardrobe.


The grandkids and Granny baking and decorating cookies.


We had a white Christmas in Burleson.


We had enough snow after raking a lot of the back yard together to build 2 special snowmen! One was a Dallas Cowboy snowman who happens to be holding a shovel and the other was a Philadelphia Eagle snowman. The following video shows what will happen to the Eagles come Sunday afternoon.




Amanda and Nicole with the victorious Cowboy snowman!


Davy enjoyed eating snowballs.


Amanda and Nicole at the Pittman Christmas.



Everyone wanted to try the head massager that we brought.


Family Nertz with miniature cards.


Amanda and Jamas at the Mahanay Christmas get-together.

After visiting in Burleson, we left for Lubbock and then went on to see Lee and Ashley in Laramie, Wyoming. We arrived to see lots of snow on everything.


Here is the front of Lee’s house and Amanda with all the snow.


Lee got a Lego train set for Christmas that is pretty awesome.

They have 2 funny dogs. One likes to sit on the stairs at eye level to people walking by.



We got to play some family Rock Band which was a blast.


While we were so close to the mountains we went up to Snowy Range to do some skiing and I tried to learn to ski, which was difficult at first and after a few falls I started to get the hang of it. I definitely need more practice.


We also decided that we are getting older and need to take more breaks. I was quite worn out after the first couple of hours.


Here are a few pictures of skiing and up at the lodge.



Amanda says this will prove that we did black runs.

Here are some videos that we took on the mountain. (Amanda here- Please watch Talin skiing because it is hilarious!!)



Well, I hope that you have enjoyed our blog post.  Stay tuned and hopefully we will be better at posting again. 


One Response to “Winter Wonderlands!”

  1. Amy Says:

    I would really love to ski right now. Looks great!! Are you home yet?

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