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New addition to the family October 27, 2009

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No, not a baby, but a puppy! Gotcha!!! Hey, we’ve got to get people to read our blog someway. I have to use trickery because I know none of you are coming here because our lives are so thrilling to read about!

So, the latest happenings in the Pepper household include a 3 month old Bichon Frise named “Rex”. He is actually a new addition to the extended family because he will belong to Granddad Jack here in a few weeks. Talin’s Granddad has been in rehab for a few months after a stroke this summer, and he will be going home in a few weeks. LaRhea decided (with our encouragement of course) that Granddad Jack needed a puppy – mainly so that he would have something to do, something to keep him busy, something to keep him out of her hair. (Just kidding, Granddad Jack- I knew you would read this, so I had to throw that in!!!)

Anyway, we agreed to get the puppy a few weeks early and start trying to housetrain it. What a fabulous/awful adventure it has been!!

Who couldn’t love a face like this?????

The first few days of puppy life were not good. We were asking ourselves “WHY?????????” after hours of whining and barking at night, and refusal to use the restroom in appropriate areas. But we armed ourselves with earplugs and an extra dose of patience, and things are looking up. Once he finally figured out why we were going outside every hour to stand in the exact same spot, and that he would get a treat for pottying, he has done much better! He hasn’t had very many accidents after the first 3 or 4 days, and almost all of those accidents have been on the tile! YAY! When he does potty inside, we blame it on ourselves, because we weren’t taking him out often enough. It’s all about the routine.

He is so tiny! 5 pounds right now, and supposed to grow to around 10.

Talin looks kind of weird in the above picture, but we have discovered that a well exercised dog is a happier dog (Thank you, Dog Whisperer!). I don’t know if he’s “happier”, or just too plum tired to whine and bark- but either way, I’ll take it. Fortunately a brisk walk of about 2 blocks will pretty much do him in, since his legs are so short.

Needless to say, we are getting pretty attached to little “Rexie Poo”, and we are going to miss him when he moves to his new home soon. He is definitely going to keep Granddad Jack busy and entertained!


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