T-n-A Pepper

Talin -n- Amanda

…….. :) …….. :) …….. October 3, 2009

Filed under: Family Updates — Talin @ 11:11 pm

The title is of me and Talin smiling, because I couldn’t think of any clever titles, and we are just feeling happy! Nothing too thrilling is going on. Just thought I hadn’t updated in a long while, and I had a few pictures to share.

Here are a few pictures from our Labor Day trip to San Antonio, we stayed at the Wild Oak Ranch, and luckily, the weather was still warm enough to enjoy the lazy river!!

Talin and Lee, both playing (or talking) on their phones.

We got to spend some time with Talin’s oldest cousin, Lane, and his wife, Paula, and their son, Lance. It was great to see them!!

It was Lance’s first time to swim, and he wasn’t a huge fan of the temperature of the water – but he was a happy camper when he got to take a ride with Dad on a float.

We also did the Sea World thing while in San Antonio, which was really fun, but I don’t think any of us carried our camera into the Park, so I do not have any pictures!!

Great, relaxing weekend!!


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