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Four Year Celebration July 15, 2009

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I’m sure to the surprise of many, Talin and I have reached our four year anniversary! (Just kidding!)

To celebrate, we went to Ruidoso. Yes, another trip to the New Mexico mountains. It was a fabulous getaway! We stayed at a B&B called the Evergreen Manor, north of town. The people there were so sweet, and the breakfast was awesome! We have ranked our favorite “excursions” from the trip. Here are some pictures from the weekend:

First of all, I am brunette now. Here is a picture – Nicole wanted to see what I look like. It’s so funny that people already think we are twins, and now even more so! Although, I don’t think we look that much alike, but she is a beautiful girl so if people think that, it’s fine by me!!

Okay, back to anniversary weekend…

#3 Favorite Excursion: Lavender Springs Ranch

The cute little bridge tournament playing couple we ate breakfast with told us about this lavender farm outside of town where you can pick your own fresh lavender. We decided to go check it out, even though we have no idea what to do with fresh lavender.

There were hundreds of bees working hastily in the field, but they didn’t seem to mind the people who were getting in their way. Here is Talin cutting sprigs!

I looked up some ways to use the lavender, and I am excited because it smells so good!

#2 : Monjeau Lookout

We were exploring around the Ski Apache area, and saw a sign that said “Monjeau Lookout à“. We drove up the scary switchback gravel road, a pretty good ways up there… I think it was something like 8 miles. But it was so worth the anxiety! Not that Talin isn’t a great driver, but there’s something about driving off a cliff that isn’t very appealing to me. Anyway, when we reached the top, we climbed up a beautiful stone path, and found a fire lookout built in 1936. The view was amazing up there!


#1 – We opened a restaurant!!

Just kidding! This was a restaurant in Roswell.

Real #1 – Ruidoso Downs Horse Races

Neither of us had ever been to a horse race. It was so interesting! We had no idea how to read the program that tells the “stats”, but a person who we sat next to in the free seating area was filling us in. Due to his excessive alcohol consumption, he started getting overly chatty, so we sneaked to the other side of the seating area. It was really fun to watch, and for the first two races, we picked the first place horse! So, we started thinking we were good. “Maybe we should go bet a dollar on the next race.” It’s a good thing we didn’t because our luckiness wore off and we didn’t pick the right horse after that. It was still fun to watch, though!


Fun times! I’m so glad we were able to go on this trip. I feel like I want to do as many mini-vacations as I can with Talin before someday when it won’t be so easy with work and kids. It doesn’t seem possible that we could be married four years already. I am so blessed to have the most wonderful husband and friend!!!


2 Responses to “Four Year Celebration”

  1. Lesley Says:

    Congrats on four years. I am glad you made a list of fun things to do in Ruidoso, since Chad and I weren’t the biggest fans when we went there for our 4th anniversary (hey! What a ca-wink-y-dink!). Maybe we will try it again sometime.

    As far as the restaurant goes, I think Pepper’s is the perfect name for a restaurant, so maybe both of you should consider quitting your day jobs and go with that.

  2. Nicole Says:

    Your hair looks so GOOD!!! It looks very pretty on you. And while I don’t see it either, I am sure we will get bombarded with twin comments when we are together.

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