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Sandy and Dandy July 2, 2009

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We had a great time last weekend going on a trip with Koby and Lindsey to New Mexico! We packed up LaRhea’s RV, and made our way to Mayhill, New Mexico, which is about 15 miles from Cloudcroft. The mountains were so relaxing, and it was nice and cool, with a little rain during the time we were there. We arrived late Friday night, played some games and went to bed. Saturday morning, we got up to take showers at the Bathhouse. While waiting on everyone else to shower, we found a 1000 piece puzzle that was sitting on a table in the recreation room.

So, we worked on it while we waited on each other to shower, and then couldn’t seem to pull ourselves away from it! Four hours later…

We finished! It was funny because I think we all got sick of doing that puzzle after about 3 hours, but couldn’t stand to walk away. We were pretty much the talk of the RV Park, seeing as how we were about 30 years younger than everyone else there, and then we swooped in and finished their puzzle!! The nerve of us!! So, we got some scornful looks from the neighbors out there.

We ate lunch, and then drove into Cloudcroft, where we cruised the cute little shops and got coffee. It was still cloudy and cool at that point.

We drove into Alamogordo and decided that we should make our way to White Sands before the museum closed. Of course it was sunny and hot out there, so we lathered up with sunscreen and watched a very informative video about Gypsum sand, which is what makes up the park. So, we spent some good times playing in the sand, and taking fun pictures. If you haven’t visited out there, you need to go and take your kids! It is such a neat place, but I will give you a few tips:

  1. Wear PANTS. The wind blows that sand along the dunes, and whips against bare legs and ankles when you walk across the top.
  2. Bring a sled of some sort… so you don’t have to be ripped off by the visitor’s center where they charge $15 to buy one! A big piece of cardboard will work well, too.
  3. Take fun pictures, like these:

I like that picture because my arm looks freakishly long, or as Lesley commented, “Inspector Gadget Limbs”.

Don’t worry, Lindsey’s jumps got better…

This picture reminds me of Spiderman. We jumped in the exact same position… kind of creepy!

I like this picture because it looks like Koby is on the moon, launching effortlessly.

We had a blast out there, and I am so glad that we did that while we’re still young enough to climb up sand dunes and jump over them… it was tiring!

We ate dinner in Alamogordo, and then got back to the RV Park at 10:15, giving the residents of Deer Spring yet another reason to sneer. Apparently, lights out are at 10:00, and they are serious! Luckily, the socially awkward Groundskeeper unlocked the bathhouse for us so that we didn’t have to go to bed sandy. But, he wasn’t too happy about it.

Needless to say, they were not sad to see us go.

It was an awesome trip, and we are planning on doing it again – but visiting the caverns in Carlsbad next time. Can’t wait!


One Response to “Sandy and Dandy”

  1. Pam Says:

    Loved the pics. Sounds like fun. Been there as a kid too! I think we burried your dad completely.

    Loved the blog below. I keep teasing Grandpa about being OCD. He can remember what it means!


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