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Productiveness June 5, 2009

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I am very excited to report that the first week of my summer has not been spent in total laziness! Since we are waiting on a part to finish the bathroom, we decide to undertake a little closet renovation. So, here are the pics. I should have taken a picture when all of the junk was in it before, but that would just be too embarrassing for the internet. The hall closet, Talin’s closet, and mine were all the same. One shelf, one rack to hang things on. Here is the empty before pic:

And here is the after of my closet that now has room to organize all of my pants, shirts, dresses, and SHOES!!!


I had too many shoes, and had to put my flip flops in a hangy- thing…. But there is enough room for that now!!! YAY!

Here is Talin’s new closet, (his clothes live in the office):

It only looks like he has no clothes in there because he likes everything smashed up against the wall as tight as can be. His OCD-ness intrigues me.

And here is our new linen closet, at the end of the hall. It was a one-shelf, one-rack closet before. ALL towels, sheets, and blankets live here now.

I just have to say that I think I have one of the most handy husbands around. I am so blessed! I knew we were meant to be when I discovered that we both get way too excited about good organization.



2 Responses to “Productiveness”

  1. Amy Says:

    Wow! How wonderful. I love good organization too. Great way to start off summer! Good Job Talin!

  2. Heidi Says:

    Ya’ll crack me up! Good Job! can you come to my house and help make new racks in the closets??

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