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Hellooooooooo SUMMER! May 31, 2009

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Here we are, yet another school year has come to an end. I do have to say that it is the first year that I was really sad to finish. I had an EXCEPTIONALLY well behaved, sweet, wonderful group of kids in my class, and I am going to miss them so much when I am faced with a new group of mangy, undisciplined rascals. Talin reminds me that they all start out that way… so, we’ll see what happens. Anyway, I wanted to show off some of their sweetness. Here they are. Don’t worry, I keep up a blog for my classroom, and all of their parents are okay with their pictures being on it. You could see it, if you want at mrspeppersclass.wordpress.com

Here they were at Thanksgiving! Aren’t they so cute???

This is what they gave me at the end of the year! It is a platter that they had designed at a ceramics place in Lubbock, after one of the Moms sneakily got all of their thumbprints in Art class one day. Now THAT is a thoughtful gift!!

Anyway, I just wanted to show off my neat platter.

Other than finishing school, we also had a get-together at our house last weekend that was a blast. Talin’s birthday was Friday, May 22nd, so we invited everyone from church over for hot dogs and backyard games. We had a blast, and we will definitely be doing it again this summer. Here are a few pics:

Talin got a set of foldable saw horses from me. This is David giving them to him, who went and picked them up for me! Thanks, David!

The girls talking while the boys play.

Nicole told Talin about a game they played at Harding called Polish Horseshoes, so Talin set it all up and the guys had a lot of fun trying to knock the bottle off of the pipe with a frisbee.

I almost died of embarrassment when Katy was running around in Davy’s dog run, we looked over, and she was eating poop!!

Just kidding! It was only a piece of melted chocolate candy the neighbors threw over the fence. But, it did give everyone a good scare.

We finished up the night with a rousing game of Pit! Everyone had fun screaming and yelling and laughing until our stomachs hurt. I love Matt’s face in this picture.

We had a great time for Talin’s birthday/ End-of-School Party. Can’t wait to do it again!

Talin started back to class this last Wednesday, and we are so thankful that he actually has a pretty easy schedule for the summer. He has class everyday from 1-5, but has mornings off except on test days. So, we have started our Summer To-Do lists, and you will never guess what is on them! Remodeling!!!!! I know, you are so thrilled to hear about yet another remodeling project at the Pepper house… so I am not going to be posting too much about it. Hopefully it will be over and done with so quickly, that I can’t feasibly blog about it all the time. The last big thing this house needs is help in the Master Bath. It is tiny, and we can’t help that, but we can make it look not so grungy- with the help of our Tax Refund $. So, Talin already has it gutted, new sheetrock up (as opposed to the 1960 tan tile that was on the walls… yuck!), and we have purchased everything we need to get this project finished. We are going to tile the shower and floor ourselves… which I am a little nervous about, but Talin seems to think that we are experts after doing the kitchen… I think tile on shower walls might be a little more tricky. Right now we are at a standstill, waiting on a contractor who is going to do the sloped base and make sure everything will be draining correctly. So, I here are a few pictures from the Master bath, and hopefully, the next time I post, it will be finished product pictures!!!

This is when Talin had already started pulling down tile. But this is as close to “before” as we get.

Corroded pipes, oh good!! All new now.

We are ready to put up concrete board after the base is finished, and then it’s tiling, painting and installing new vanity, toilet, and medicine cabinet. YAY!!

That’s all I have to share for now… thanks for checking in!


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