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What a deal!!!!!!! May 4, 2009

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One of my teacher friends and I got to talking today about giving mother’s day gifts, and she said that she bought trees for her Mom for Mother’s day last year. (Kind of a weird gift you say?? Her Mom had gotten a pool and wanted some tall privacy trees around the yard)

Anyway, they heard of this website. They bought some trees for $30 a tree… they are delivered at about a foot tall, and they are supposed to grow 10-15 feet a year!!!!!!!!!! There are several different kinds of trees to choose from and it says how much they are supposed to grow in a year on a handy dandy little chart on their website… Fed Ex delivers them Shipping is between $6 and $15 depending on your order, all you have to do is plant and water them! I was very impressed with their prices when I checked it out, because if you have bought trees before… you could really spend some bucks. Their customer reviews were great also.

Anyway, I was just looking at it, and you can get some for as cheap as $20 a tree! (one foot tall when delivered, but it will grow 10 feet in a year!) So, thought you might want to check it out.


I could really kick myself for going to the local nursery. We spent $100 on a four foot tree that has grown MAYBE 6-8 feet in three years. !!! If we had known about this website, we might have a 35 foot tree in our yard right now!!


I just thought that was really exciting.. I love trees… I love shade… I know people are buying houses or moving, and this could be quite helpful! So, I wanted to share! Go check it out!


One Response to “What a deal!!!!!!!”

  1. Rachel Embry Says:

    How exciting to come across your very entertaining blog! Yay for technology!! I’m glad to have the chance to update myself on your life and know that you’re doing more fabulous than ever! 🙂 Rachel Embry

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