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Spring Break and Bachelorette Times April 12, 2009

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I guess I need to give an update. As if there is really anything interesting going on….. But I guess some people would like to know how Talin and I are faring in our separation. Spring Break was great! I spent the week in Burleson, Talin worked the whole time, and so did the rest of my family, so I really spent a lot of time solo shopping and hanging out with my grandparents. Granny has agreed to make some curtains for our kitchen! I am really excited about new curtains, and I picked out a really cute style… the idea was actually stolen from my friend Tiffany’s nursery… but I know she doesn’t mind. So, here is a picture from a model home of the idea.

I hope that the fabric I chose looks okay because I was in Burleson when I bought it and didn’t get to hold up a sample in the kitchen beforehand… but I’m sure it will look good. I will post pictures when we get them put up! Thank you Granny! You are awesome!!

We did get to have an enjoyable afternoon with the girls. My Aunt Lisa, Mom, Nicole and Granny went out for lunch at a cute little Pie Shoppe and then we went to get manicures and pedicures. That was a good day!

Other than that, Spring Break was quite uneventful.

I came back to Lubbock and have been back at school staying busy and spending some time with cousins. I have been staying with my cousin Lindsey and her husband, Koby, while Talin is gone. I know, I am a paranoid person and it is better for my health to not sleep alone in a house. I wouldn’t sleep, I would stay up listening to all the creaky sounds and thinking it was a crazed person breaking in to attack me… it would be bad… so this has worked out really well! (For me, at least!!) We have been watching seasons of Lost and I have been cooking dinner to earn my keep over there. At first, Talin and I didn’t get to talk very much because the time I go to work, he is still asleep, and the time he gets off of work, I am in the middle of getting dinner ready, so that was a little crazy the first week or so. We’ve decided to retire to our rooms at a decent hour every night so that we can have some time to talk. So that has made things better, but still not ideal. I am ready for this to be over, and I am praying that he won’t have to do this again next year, for DOUBLE the amount of time.

So, after 3 long weeks, I am now in Burleson visiting. We decided not to see each other every single weekend because it gets pricey. So, we are trying to just stick it out. I have Good Friday and Monday off, so that will make for a nice long weekend. We are going to go on a date tonight!!!

Everyone has been asking how Talin’s internship is going. He is really enjoying it. This time he is in an outpatient clinic. They call it “Orthopedic”, which means: “the branch of medicine that deals with the prevention or correction of injuries or disorders of the skeletal system and associated muscles, joints and ligaments” (from dictionary.com) So on his first clinical rotation, he was in a hospital, dealing with “Acute” physical therapy, meaning immediate post-operative care, or dealing with patients who had injuries while they were in the hospital, and then when they were released, they would be referred to an outpatient clinic where they would go to therapy as necessary. While he was in the hospital experience, he kept saying how he really liked it. He liked the fact that the patients were stuck there, and you didn’t have to have appointments, patients couldn’t be late, you just see patients as time allows. In the clinic, they have been very busy and have to deal with people not showing up or being late, so that is one downfall, but now he says he really likes being in the clinic as well. He has been really excited about the things he is learning, and he comes home with lots of stories. Don’t worry, he is very careful not to violate HIPPA. He has code names for patients who annoy him. A few are: “Stinky Breath”: a lady who has no pain tolerance and severe halitosis, “Your Mom”: an annoying pre-adolescent male who actually said “Your Mom!” to Talin when asked to perform a certain exercise, and “Counter”: another pre-adolescent male who, when asked to do an exercise 15 times, did 6 repetitions, and when Talin said to do more, he said: “That was 15! They don’t teach you to count at Texas Tech?” Needless to say, he has sworn off working as a Pediatric Physical Therapist!

Anyway, things are going well. We have 4 weeks to go of this, so I will be very thankful when he comes home and things return to normal. I can’t believe it is already mid-April. I am already getting sad to lose my wonderful group of Pre-Kindergarteners. I just know that such well-behaved kids don’t magically collect on my roster like this every year. I always dread the new group. I finally got these trained just right, and now I have to give them up to someone else!!! This is going to be my hardest year yet to lose my class, for sure!

Well, that wasn’t all that interesting, but it was an update nonetheless.


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  1. Heidi Says:

    YAY…I am so glad ya’ll blogged…I check it all the time! It was great to see ya’ll today! hang in there…talin will be back in no time!

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