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Christmas in the city January 18, 2009

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Finally! I know, it has taken me forever to update this thing. I don’t know what has been going on, but I haven’t been finding time to sit down and do this! Here are some pics from Christmas in Burleson:


Talin’s favorite gift.

A close second!

Pam and Robert boxing on the Wii! Pam, don’t kill me, I had to, this picture was too funny.

Shawn trimming my Lubbock Cosmetology School haircut. You’d think I would quit going there after 2 crooked haircuts…. But, you know, $5 is just too good of a deal!

Lisa and the Tomato Soup scented candle! Yes, it exists, and yes, it is disgusting.

Jason making such a cute Santa!

At Granny’s for Christmas

On our way home, we stopped in Abilene to watch my cousin Jacob play basketball. He did great!! Made two 3 point shots!!!!!

After much pain and strife, we finally have lighting in our kitchen! We did a two light track above the sink and a four light track in the dining area. We love it! I will post a pic of the other lights later. As I type, Talin is working on the pull-out trays that he is installing where there used to be plain deep shelves for our pots and pans!

Hopefully it won’t be so long until our next post… I will try and think of something exciting to do so that I will have something to tell you about! Love you!!


3 Responses to “Christmas in the city”

  1. Amy Says:

    I know what you have been doing…TWILIGHT!

  2. Aunt Lisa Says:

    Yes, the Tomato Soup candle was totally disgusting, but I think the face that I made for the lifetime memory picture is way more disgusting than that candle!!!! Thanks for posting my disgusting moment….I love you both anyway…..but not that candle or the picture. Look out….you might SEE and SMELL that candle at a future Christmas event! HAHAHA!!!

  3. chappyhc Says:


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