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Minter/Pepper Christmas December 23, 2008

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We have been out at the farm this weekend with the extended Minter and Pepper family. There has been an abundance of eating and playing going on. We brought Davy out, and Lee and Ashley (Talin’s brother and his wife) brought their two dogs- Koda, a Husky/Golden Retriever Mix, and Lola, a Corgi. Davy has been working on his social skills. He has not been very fond of Koda’s playfulness. Pretty much, he is getting old and grouchy. So, they have been having mostly supervised play time. Here are a few pictures from our get-together:

LaRhea’s brother, Jack, brought his skeet thrower, and the guys had target practice! But, you will be proud to know that I tried my hand at shooting skeet and I actually hit one! Yes, a flying skeet! With a 4-10 shotgun, if that means anything to you. I was proud! Above LaRhea is practicing her aim with the intention of thinning out the coyote population here at the farm.

Here is Mother/Son Wii time. They were playing a Music game and trying to shake their controllers in sync…. Apparently Talin wasn’t very good.

We gave Tinkerbell (LaRhea’s Siamese cat) an Elf costume for Christmas. Kayla attempted to make her wear it, but Tinkerbell was not having it. Kayla came away with a bite and scratches… and no hat on cat. Tinkerbell wins.

Me and Ashley with all of the crazy dogs…. This picture was taken with Lee and Talin waving treats in the air, so they didn’t make it in the pic.

Grandkids with Mama Jean

Don’t you love Davy’s Christmas Scarf? I think he needs some clothes… maybe next Christmas!


One Response to “Minter/Pepper Christmas”

  1. Amy Says:

    It looks like you all had fun! Enjoy the rest of your break! I have been meaning to tell you…great job with the Special Angels at church!

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