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Great Accomplishments October 9, 2008

Filed under: Family Updates — Talin @ 3:04 am

I just wanted to brag on my husband for a minute. This last week he was invited to be inducted into the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Chapter of the Alpha Eta Honor Society. Faculty members choose the students who exhibit the highest dedication to the program, and they selected Talin! There will be a ceremony on October 24th. I will take pictures, and post them later, but it was really neat when we got this letter in the mail because it was such a great compliment and refresher in the midst of all of our craziness. Talin does such a great job keeping up with everything he has going on- and he even manages to find time to do little things to make me feel special! I could not have dreamed up a more perfect and wonderful husband. I am so proud of him- and so thankful for him to receive this honor! Just wanted to share that… so be sure and embarrass him thoroughly by writing some congratulatory comments on here! Have a great day!


8 Responses to “Great Accomplishments”

  1. Mom Says:

    Congratulations – but to be honest we always thought you were smart!

  2. Lesley Says:

    Congratulations Talin!

  3. Perry Mason Says:

    Congratulations on the good things both of you are accomplishing. I am especially pleased you are working on your relationship and important things in addition to study and work.

  4. Amy Says:

    WAY TO GO TALIN!!! You deserve it!

  5. Delores Guerrero Says:

    Great job! I know your wife is a delight to work with.

  6. Robyn Rhoades Says:

    You give the rest of the men in this world a bad rap. You shouldn’t be soooo good at everything! Congratulations on your accomplishment.

  7. LaRhea Says:

    Great Job!!! in addition to all of the remodeling!!! Love, Mom

  8. FIL Says:

    I’m so proud of you Talin. This is a great accomplishment. I don’t know how you do it all either, but I thank God for you every day! Congratulations!!

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