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Last Blissful Weekend of 2008 August 11, 2008

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I start back to school this Thursday, so that means there are only 3 days left of freedom.. To celebrate, we went out to the farm with Koby and Lindsey (my cousin and her husband) to watch the Olympics and play games. Lo and behold, with our great luck, we get out there and turn on the fancy T.V., just to find that Dish Network isn’t currently supplying the farm with Network channels. BOOO!!!!!!

We missed the opening ceremonies.. and watched fencing and judo streaming online while we played PEG and ate. We were very sad. Talin and Koby decided to play with our new laptop… which I am claiming as mine. It is technically 68% mine and 32% his, but he keeps saying something about “we are one now” or some nonsense like that. J Anyway, here is a picture of the fruits of their labor:

Moral of the story: Talin is not to be trusted with new laptops!

Actually, everything is fine and recovered… and notice Koby is hiding from being in this picture and assuming partial responsibility.

To make up for temporarily ruining our new computer, they did dishes, and here is the proof:

Really, we were both blessed with super husbands who are quite helpful around the house! We didn’t even ASK them to help!!!

After eating and lounging, we enjoyed an afternoon at the pond. Here is the best picture we could come up with.. or at least the best one that doesn’t show us in our swimsuits for the World Wide Web to see:

… Now we are wishing we could somehow stretch time. Talin doesn’t start until the 25th.. so I guess I better go get started on a list for him!! J Miss you!


4 Responses to “Last Blissful Weekend of 2008”

  1. Amy Says:

    I can’t believe it is already time to start. I start tomorrow. I am glad you fun at the farm. Do you love the olympics as much as I do? We should watch them together! Again, I am SO glad to see you back in Lubbock!

  2. Haley Says:

    Looks like a fun weekend to me! I am sure the Olympics will be on at our house all the time!

  3. chappyhc Says:

    We miss ya’ll but it looks like you’re having fun….Have a great first week back!

  4. Laura Says:

    Sounds like a fun weekend, wish I could have been there! I love the sad olympics poster! The pond looks awesome!

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