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Weddings, Weddings, and Shish Kebabs June 28, 2008

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Well, I noticed that we hadn’t posted anything in a while so I thought I would fill you in on the last few weeks. Talin’s clinical is going really well, and I will make him post to tell you about it later. But, as far as happenings… we had a family friend get married June 7th at my Aunt and Uncle’s house… yes, the same place where Davy practiced his herding skills!! So, congrats to Zach and Haley Love!!!!! They are now back off to California, so we will miss them this summer! Thanks to that wedding, my sister was in town for a good week and a half, and I had so much fun hanging out with her, shopping, pedicuring, and talking! Home just isn’t the same without her 😦   Here is a picture of me and Nicole at the wedding, and then of “the happy couple” at the reception.

We had another wedding June 14th- which Nicole and I left a few days early for. Our cousin, Lindsey got married in Floydada. We had the most appropriate Bachelorette party… laying in bed watching Saved by The Bell Wedding in Las Vegas!!!!!!!!! Actually, we all fell asleep, but it was a good thought! I forgot how exhausting weddings can be….I think I want to borrow that movie, and watch it later! The wedding was gorgeous, and Koby and Lindsey had a great time in Colorado Springs, where they honeymooned! I haven’t personally seen them (which I am sad about) but I heard that they are walking around with great big smiles of marital bliss. I can’t wait to get back to Lubbock so Lindsey and I can get back to beating the boys regularly at Peg, Monopoly, and other games of choice 🙂 Here are a few pictures from that weekend. Sorry, I didn’t get any of the actual wedding part… I was too busy bridesmaiding.

The beautiful bride!!! Just kidding… This is my Aunt Lisa, wearing the Pittman family traditional rehearsal dinner attire for the stand-in bride. We saved all of the bows from Lindsey’s wedding shower gifts, and made her a bouquet, and a lovely veil. She was very excited! Does anyone else do that in their family???? Wow we must seem very white-trash!!!

Here is a picture of the actual bride on the morning of the wedding, at the brunch her family threw in her honor. She is with our dear Granny, and they might both kill me for publishing this picture, but I like it, so TOUGH!

We also got to have one last hoorah with our friends, Caitlin and Cason, who came to Dallas for a couple days. We went to a Ranger game, and had a great time! Here is a picture of Caitlin and me at the game. They are now in Colorado, moving into their new home, and we are going to miss them so much!

Other than that, we had Father’s Day which we actually spent driving back from Floydada, but we celebrated early by giving Dad a grill! So, we have had fun grilling and eating, and last night we made Shish Kebabs… which were awesome!

That’s really all i have… I think today Talin and I are going to venture up to Dallas and see what we can see…

This was a really long post!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy!


3 Responses to “Weddings, Weddings, and Shish Kebabs”

  1. Lesley Says:

    Fun! Seeing pictures of y’all makes me miss you even more. Glad you’re getting lots of fun friends & family time while you’re in Burleson. Keep the updates coming! I love reading them!

  2. chappyhc Says:

    Love seeing all the pics….and the shish-k-bobs look yummy!!!

  3. Aunt Lisa Says:

    Hey, we are not White Trash!!! Just weird!!!! I have to say, I do not know how I was selected to be in the stand-in-bride, but I am most honored. However, If I had known the pictures would make it to the internet, I would have covered my face better! Yikes!

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