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Davy the Working Dog??? June 3, 2008

Filed under: Family Updates — Amanda Pepper @ 1:57 pm

Well, It might be lame that we are always writing posts about our pet, but until children come into the picture, that is what you are going to get! (Sorry, Granny!)  We had the most interesting evening last night. We decided to take Davy over the my Aunt and Uncle’s house, where they have about 10 or so goats. We wanted to test Davy’s herding instinct. Davy has never seen goats, and he was deathly afraid of them when he first saw them. His tail was tucked up there farther than I knew he could tuck it! He was doing anything he could to get away from them. So, we were thinking this might be a bad idea. It was clear that he was intimidated by their size… some of them were 3 times his! So, we decided to let a baby out of the pen and see what he would do. As soon as Danny let that baby goat out, something clicked! Davy snapped out of his fear, and automatically chased that goat, trying to lead it back into the pen. It was amazing! Well, the baby was so scared, it ran into the pond. Kim was really worried it would drown, but Davy went in the pond after it and got it out of the pond, and back in the pen. So, we tried out his herding skills on bigger and bigger goats, and like clockwork, he led every one of them back to where they needed to be. It was awesome! All he needed was a little confidence boost, and he was able to do what came naturally.

Talin and I were talking about how interesting instinct is.  Davy has never been trained to herd, but after getting comfortable, he found his “calling”. In the same way, we have a calling to live everyday to honor Christ. I know that I am still timid at times, but I am praying that I can fulfill my purpose with as much passion and focus as Davy had last night.

Hope y’all have a great week!


One Response to “Davy the Working Dog???”

  1. chappyhc Says:

    I hate that I missed it…it would have been awesome to see!

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