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The First Blog Entry April 7, 2008

Filed under: Family Updates,Travel — Talin @ 9:15 pm

Well, this is the first Blog experience for Amanda and I ever, so it will be a fun experience that I hope we will be able to stay on top of and keep everybody updated on what is happening here in Lubbock, TX.

For all those that didn’t know, I am in Physical Therapy school at Texas Tech coming up on the end of my 1st year of school. I am loving it and having a blast so far. It definitely isn’t easy, but I am managing to keep up with studying along with all the other things that we have going on.

This summer is my first Clinical Rotation for school. I will be going to Huguley hospital in Fort Worth for 8 weeks. Since Amanda is teaching and will get the summer off, she is going to be going with me. We will be staying with her parents, so she is VERY excited about getting to spend a lot of time with them.

Amanda is still teaching out in Levelland and is just loving it. She loves her kids that she has this year and she really loves her principal and the people she is working with. She is busy working on the picture slideshow for Koby and Lindsey’s wedding (for those that don’t know, Lindsey is her cousin and she is getting married June 14). So she is making a beautiful show and presentation as usual. She is talented in making anything that she does look good.

Over Spring Break Amanda, Me, Mom, Lee, and Ashley (my side of the family) went on an eastern Caribbean Cruise and we just loved it. I am already ready to go on the next one. I guess we will have to start saving our money in that vacation fund.

More to come soon….


3 Responses to “The First Blog Entry”

  1. chappyhc Says:

    Looks like you guys had a blast!! We know all about that Vacation fund…isn’t Dave Ramsey fun!!??

  2. Pat Says:

    Love your blog! It is great to look
    at you, even if it is on a monitor
    screen. Love you both – keep up
    the good work. Grandma M

  3. Trey Richey Says:

    What a beautiful young couple. Looks like you had a nice time. I hope all is going well. I wish you the best of luck as your continued hard work will result in many job opportunities. Take care and may God truly bless you and your family. I continue to lift your family up with prayers as I know that life these days does have an empty spot that can never be filled. Take care my friend, Coach Richey

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